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Using Pinterest as Digital Mood Boards for Video Production

Using Pinterest as Digital Mood Boards for Video Production

Pinterest is a useful addition to the visual toolkit for any on line marketing that has a visual element. As a video production company we find Pinterest a useful adjunct to projects as it helps us to build rapport with our audience and share some of the background work involved in business video production that would otherwise remain unseen.

Video Production Backstory
Business Video Production Background

However, setting up a Pinterest account may seem confusing on first glance, but it can be made simple and easy to use by following these steps…

Step One: Set up your new account

The first thing to do is go to Pinterest.com and using your email address set up an account and set yourself a password. It#s a good idea to take up the option of linking your account with social media such as Facebook or Twitter so that it is easier for you to find your audience and help them to make connect with you on the site.

Step Two: Create your first board

The next step is creating your first Board. A Board is the place where you will be able to post the photos and images that you have or plan to take and wish to share with people.

Creating a Board is simple, just click on the button in the top right hand corner of the screen – your your name should be displayed here confirming it is your account. This should then take you to a page with a button that says “create new board”, just click on this button to get started.

You will then be asked to name the board and give it a description of your choice; make the description something which relates to the pictures and images you are sharing, and keep in mind Google’s SEO fancies as well as the key words you would like to listed under. Once you have done this, you are ready to start adding pins to the board and to share with the people you are connected with on the site.

Step Three: How to add pins to your board

Once your board is ready you can start to add a pins, i.e. images and photos you have taken or collected, and have rights to use. Click on the “Pin it” button in the bottom right hand corner of the website. A screen will pop up asking you to select the image you want to pin; after selecting the image you’ll get another window to create the pin. This is where you will choose which board to add the pin too and write a description of the image you are pinning. Again, keep in mind your key words and phrases for a better Google ranking!

If you want to add your pin to a new board, you can create one directly from the drop down menu as well. Once you’ve selected the board, write a description of your pin to help you remember why you added it to your boards and let other people know why you wanted to share the pin. These notes reveal your business and personal character as well as the ethos behind what you do, so choose carefully and make sure you are sharing positive images that leave the right message with viewers! It’s very easy with social media style platforms to forget that what seems a perfectly innocent remark or posting can be taken totally out of context and without explanation leave a potential connection with the wrong impression.

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EskimoJo Video Promo Background

We use Pinterest to build storyboards around video projects we are working on, or to create style and branding platforms for conferences and events where an overall look and feel needs to be agreed. The most popular boards are those we create from behind the scenes video filming and production; it just allows our contacts to get a glimpse of all the hard work that went into making the slick 60 second video!




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