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Bringing the Video TARDIS to a green screen studio near you

Bringing the  Video TARDIS to a green screen studio near you

Just like Dr Who’s TARDIS it’s possible to travel anywhere in the world (or indeed outer space) and all from the comfort of a small television and video production studio in High Wycombe.

Most people are familiar with Green Screen technology, often used in TV and Cinema. It is also known as Chromakey (or if you are BBC trained like me, you would refer to it as CSO or colour separation overlay – the BBC always likes to preserve the mystic about such hi-tech wizardry).

Why is it called Green Screen?

It’s called Green Screen because that’s the usual colour of the studio backdrop most often used, but this could be almost any colour, and you will sometimes see blue being used instead of the more familiar green. You will have witnessed this every night when watching the Weather forecast or the ITV News where the elaborate and expensive looking Television Newsroom set is totally generated electronically and the newsreader (or newscaster as ITV call their presenters) is in fact just sitting in a totally green studio very similar to our own, here in High Wycombe.

Green Screen Set

At Take One TV we have similar technology which will allow us to re-create a newsroom style studio or transport you to the African Serengeti or even on to the International Space Station, although we haven’t yet managed to re-create the weightlessness of outer space in our small video studio, we can even place you inside Dr Who’s TARDIS but perhaps time travel will have to wait for some new future technology. It has however worked very well as a kitchen for cake decorating demonstrations, a studio a la Question Time for a live Q&A on HR consultancy, a virtual gym for a personal trainer, an on line learning resource and numerous business profile and thought leadership settings.

We include in our green screen set up everything you need to get a great bit of video content, from camera, autocue, editing and lighting to mentoring and coaching on media skills and writing the words to best effect. If you’d like to find out more then get in touch, we love to talk about the opportunities that video brings to a business.




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