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Does DIY Video Production Save A Business Money?

So, video is hot at the moment, and looks like continuing to grow in popularity as more and more serious businesses have realised the value of including video in their ongoing marketing strategies. The statistics do show that video is one of the best available tools in the business marketing kit to improve online presence, and ultimately increase revenue. The evidence shows that more and more people are using videos, and the first question that is often asked of a video production company is: “How much does video cost?” The main response is one that people don’t want to hear; it’s along the lines of….. “Well it depends, every project is different and requires a unique approach to it.” That is true, but there are some set costs that can give a guide as to what the spend should be for the desired result. When that cost is more than expected then the next question or thought is often something like, “Well perhaps instead of getting a professional involved perhaps we could do it ourselves; we can buy an HD camera for a few hundred pounds on the High Street and our IT person or Marketing person or even our Intern can do it for us…..” Again, that is true, however here are a few insights as to why hiring professionals to make your business video should be given serious consideration.

I’ve got a phone or a camcorder, so Video is easy, isn’t it?

Buying professional video services and production isn’t like buying a new pair of trousers or the latest trainers where after finding a pair that fits, the price on the tag is paid and off you go; sorted! It’s also not like buying a new car where there are perhaps more options, a longer decision process and sometimes more room to negotiate. Video production is complicated to ‘shop’ for and deliver; it can be confusing and very difficult to compare like with like. A video is a fully customised product, which is created by talented individuals who have spent time and money on practising their skills, learning and developing their techniques and investing in their equipment.

Do you need a Professional Video Producer for your Business Video Production?

With the arrival of cheaper video recording devices such as tablets, iPhones and prosumer camcorders, it is easy for anyone to create a video. Anyone can pull their phone out of their pocket and take an HD or even a 4K video these days. However, just because it can be done by anyone doesn’t mean it should be done – unless it’s purely for fun and not for serious business marketing purposes. Cameras on phones and ordinary digital cameras have limitations and there is so much more to shooting a video than simply pointing a recording device. For example: Is the lighting right? Will the audio be heard clearly without interference from air conditioning, traffic or other extraneous noises? Is the quality appropriate for the business and what it offers? Do the contributors look comfortable and believable or more like scared rabbits who don’t want to be there? Honestly, using an iPhone won’t give a professional look, and it doesn’t make sense to cheapen the brand and profile of your business by skimping on having a video made on the cheap – it’s better not to do it at all. Investing in a well-produced video professional production will help the business stand out for the right reasons. Professional Video Production companies have creatives who are experienced in lighting, video, storytelling, mentoring on screen contributors, editing, output formats, digital strategy and so much more. Quality is more about the talent behind the camera than the camera itself.

A quality video can cost anything from £2000 up to £30,000 and it all depends on what is needed; how long the video will be; how much is going to be in it; how many days will be needed to film, the locations, time required to edit, to create graphics, animations and music. There does need to be a frank conversation between the company and the professionals about what is needed in order to give a fair and accurate quote for the project. It’s essential to have clarity about what is wanted, the message that needs to be delivered and how the completed programme will be used and monitored.

The Real Cost of Video Production

It’s not just about the amount on the invoice. An experienced professional will help to make your message clearer, maintain your brand image and help put your audience at ease with your message. When someone decides to film their video on a phone, or use a newly qualified ‘expert’ who is keen to cut their teeth on your business, it’s the business that gets hurt. Your audience and potential clients will be put off by poor quality video materials; it’s okay to socially share pictures of cute cats or gurgling babies for family entertainment, but your audience expects more from a business and won’t connect positively with low quality material. The opposite happens, the business can lose customers and find their profile damaged leading to customers going elsewhere.

A cheap video is a false economy. As with many things these days, it is easy to be drawn to the cheaper price tag on a video. Although price has a part to play, it’s also important to look beyond the bottom line. Look beyond the equipment being used to the talent and experience of the professionals creating the video for you. If their time and experience will make a video which will get the business results and more money, isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t it worth getting it right the first time round? Isn’t it better to stand out amongst the competition for positive reasons, rather than negative ones? We were asked to quote for some business recently because an existing video done by the client themselves wasn’t bringing the desired effect. When asked to critique the existing material it was obvious why the results weren’t good. Quite apart from the audio levels being erratic, the lighting volatile and the message unclear – the music used had an audio watermark telling viewers that the copyright had not been paid for its use; not a good advertisement for anyone, let alone a firm of solicitors! If a business wants to be perceived as being reliable, trustworthy and professional then that quality needs to be reflected in their video marketing, and across all platforms; essentially, it you’re serious about your business and want to be seen as a quality brand with quality products and services then you need and deserve a quality video to match! If you can’t afford to do it well, then wait until you can.




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