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Who is Albert and How Should Video Production Companies be Involved?

Why or how should Video Production Companies be using albert+?

You may have noticed this logo appearing at the end of television programmes and films, but what does it mean and what’s it all about?


Albert is an incentive originally devised by the BBC to install an awareness of the impact on the environment of film production processes and encourages production teams to make their programmes in a more sustainable way. They can be rewarded with an albert+ rating according to the complexity of green initiatives implemented by the production team in an attempt to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The scheme has is now being administered by BAFTA (British Association of Film and Television Arts) and has been adopted by the UK’s leading broadcasters and production companies such as Sky, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Some albert+ actions are obligatory and must be implemented, but productions can use their own discretion over which other albert+ actions they adopt. Corporate video producers, such as ourselves, are also looking at ways to reduce their impact on the environment when working on location and in video studios.

Each action must have evidence to support the claims and has to be auditable. The albert+ process is independently verified to ensure the rating system is robust and meaningful. All productions working to achieve an albert+ mark must follow these core principles:

• Seek to reduce the negative environmental impact of programme production wherever possible

• Share and embed sustainable values and behaviour with cast, crew and their supply chain

• Promote sustainable production to colleagues within the production or company, across the wider industry, and where appropriate, the audience.

How Relevant is albert+ to Corporate Video Production?

Take One TV is a small UK video production company but we are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint during our production processes. Here are some of the ways we try to help protect the environment:

• We only print documents where necessary and use double sided printing where possible.

• Any waste paper is sent off for re-cycling.

• All documents such as scripts and call sheets, production logs are electronic and are produced as pdf’s.

• All of our office lighting is LED low wattage.

• We use low wattage fluorescent film lighting where possible and we are assessing the impact of switching to use LED location lighting in the future.

• We car pool where possible and the crew all travel to the film locations in the same vehicle.

• Equipment batteries are re-chargeable.

• We use tapeless video footage capture and our post production uses recyclable processes.

• We do not burn DVD or Blu-ray disks where possible and all videos are transferred and published electronically.

• We employ smart energy meters to monitor energy consumption in our video production offices.

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