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Instagram Pro-tips for Video Marketing Success

Getting your Instagram Videos and Images Seen

Here are few ways to help create and retain a loyal core following on Instagram with targeted video marketing content. With over 300 million users monthly the competition is fierce, but a few simple steps can help to build success.

Be Unique

Make sure the account has a niche. Think of something with your demographic in mind which will peak their interest and get them to click the follow button. Having fun with the hashtags adds extra personality to your page; if you’re stuck for hashtags take a look at ‘Websta’ this gives the most popular 100 hashtags of the moment.

Keep followers engaged

Once interaction has started, engage back with followers. A simple thank you, a high five emoji or anything that shows them that they aren’t invisible goes a long way and helps to create rapport. Search through the most popular hashtags in your target demographic to align with your audience.

Post at peak times

Use iconsquare or a similar app to monitor Instagram metrics and gauge when the follower interaction is at its peak. There are generic times at which people check Instagram which include: 7-9AM, 12-2PM and 7-10PM. Viewers are most likely to being watching video on the move and on their mobile so do keep the video content short, 15 seconds is perfect for Instagram at the moment.

Know the demographic

If the account is known for posting cute pictures of dogs don’t suddenly post a picture of a fine dining experience. There is a loss of consistency and followers may lose interest or feel cheated in some way – this is very subtle art and small inconsistencies make a difference, much like spelling someone’s name wrong in a video caption reduces the viewer’s impression of the product or service in an almost subliminal manner.

Post desirable photos

This is important to remember. Clear consistent photo’s get 68% more engagement than heavily edited or blurry images. The same applies though perhaps even more so with video; make sure your video marketing content is well produced and the message is clear. There are few second chances.

Interesting facts

• United States, Japan and Brazil have the most Instagram users
• Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion
• Instagram had only 13 employees when Facebook bought it
• Instagram gets 1.2 billion likes per day; equals 8,300 likes per second
• Nike is the most followed brand, and
• Most Instagram viewers are on the move and on their mobiles.




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