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New Bond Theme by Sam Smith Divides Opinion on Release

Music makes a difference to Film and Video impact

The new Bond theme song for the film Spectre ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ got its first air play on 25th September 2015 and has already divided opinions of the public. It’s common theme with all film and video production, be it for a small business webshot video or a multimillion pound blockbuster! The important thing to remember is that the music and the visuals are meant to go together, neither be more or less important – it’s the combination that works and provides the engagement with the audience.

Sam Smith, the singer and songwriter for the song called it ‘a grower.’ He explains that it takes a few listens before fully appreciating the song. He described the song as ‘very scary’. Sam also revealed that although he wrote the song in 20 minutes, he didn’t feel the pressure at the time but now he is scared.
He also states that the song isn’t a big pop song and calls it a classic Bond song. Sam isn’t looking for a number one either stating: “I don’t think it’s a number one friendly song. I’m not looking for that. I just want to do it justice.”
Although opinions of the song have been split. Sir Roger Moore, former James Band star said ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ was “very haunting and wonderfully orchestrated.” On the other hand, one Twitter user called it “the worst Bond theme ever.”
The Entertainment correspondent at the BBC, Colin Paterson described the song as “good enough, but not a classic.” He also states: “I think it’s a song about a man deciding to quit it all love.” He compared the melody to Michael Jackson’s 1995 hit Earth Song and suggested it was far superior to Madonna’s much-derided Bond theme song ‘Die Another Day’ for the film of the same name.
Comedian David Schneider wasn’t convinced by the song relaying the words “The name is Bland. James Bland”.
Omid Djalili, a fellow comedian, who had a small role in the 1999 film ‘The World is Not Enough’, tweeted “New Bond song has just left me in a broken heap. “He also tweeted “if you’re not moved by this song you don’t have a pulse.”
After Tom Jones released the theme song for Thunderball in 1964, Sam Smith is the first solo male British artist to perform a Bond song. No Bond theme has ever reached number one in the UK charts. The last bond theme, Skyfall, performed by Adele in 2012 peaked at Number 2 and opinion is divided whether Sam Smith will manage it.
Sam Smith has said that he and his song writing partner, Jimmy Napes, wanted to create a ‘timelessly classic’ song.
“This isn’t about me, about my life. I just hope people listen to it and think, ‘That’s Bond’,” he stated in a promotional video for the song.
The title of the song appears to derive from a scene in the new film, Spectre, which is briefly shown in the trailer, where James Bond’s name is found scrawled upon a wall.

“Have a listen to the trailer and see what you think”




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