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Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

How can a brand get noticed on social media?

Well by being on social media platforms, of course and to be fair almost every good brand advertises on Facebook and Twitter; however, what can a business get noticed and rise above other companies and competitors? The answer is by including more social media platforms into the marketing /advertising strategy. The 3 social media platforms which should be included in the overall marketing plan include Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, And here’s why.

Google Plus
Google Plus never really took off and at one point people thought Google Plus had ended. But now it is is the second biggest social network with 300 million active users monthly. That number is going to continually increase as users are engaged with valuable content. There are customized searches on Google Plus, comments are tracked on Google Now and an improvement in SEO ranking, Google Plus has made it possible to attract more customers to businesses with the medium. Thousands of people in Google Plus communities are waiting to fall in love with different brands, they just need the right encouragement to build rapport. Luxury brands such as Hilton Group of Hotels and Burberry are adapting their social strategies to include Google Plus. To keep up with the bigger brands and trends small brands and businesses will soon start using Google Plus. 13% of SME’s in the US already use Google Plus for business, and we all know the what happens in the US comes this side of the pond, eventually.

Currently this is the fastest growing social network; it has 72.8 million users and has shown a 97% growth rate over the past 12 months, and within the last year, there has been 50% growth in membership – so definitely something to consider in your digital marketing strategy. Interestingly, Pinterest has a large female audience; with the majority of user’s being female, promoting lifestyle, food and fashion has suddenly got easier, there’s an almost captive audience! Plus, Pinterest now also advertises and you can promote Pins; the ad market is brand new, and there is huge potential. Watch what some of the big on line names are doing, the likes of Etsy, Bata shoes, Mashable, Marc Jacobs and Nigella Lawson are all pinning nowadays so good time to get your boards of images and videos together.

Ask a 16 year old what social media network he/she uses on a regular basis and the most common answer would be Instagram. On a daily basis Instagram is used by more than 75 million people. Students are spending hours a day looking at, liking and commenting on photos. Why is Instagram so popular? There are a couple of reasons, a main one being the ease with which you can post images taken on your mobile straight to on line platforms making sharing of instant memories or comments feasible; and secondly perhaps the fact that isn’t FaceBook or Twitter may be appealing to the younger users who want something that fits with their mobile world. If you haven’t used Instagram yet, have a look – it’s easy to use and is definitely a growing trend.




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