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Using YouTube Videos to Advertise

Using YouTube Videos to Advertise

What are video adverts?

Any uploaded YouTube video can be an advert. Video ads appear before other videos on YouTube, besides playing videos and in search results.

What do video adverts cost?

You have complete control over daily budget, so spend what you’re comfortable with.
Plus, you only pay when someone engages with the video advert. If someone skips it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don’t have to pay anything.

Who can be targeted?

A variety of targeting options are available on YouTube which can help in reaching the right customer for your business. Potential customers can be targeted by age, gender, location, interests and more.
How can results be measured?
YouTube has built-in Analytics that makes it easy to see how an advert performs. Adjustments can be made to adverts at any time and multiple adverts can be run at the same time to see which one performs better.
Making a video advert:

There are 4 common advert types:
• Introduce the business
• Highlight the product
• Create promotions
• Educate the customers.

Introduce the business

First, talk about who you are.
Start by introducing the business and yourself. This helps people put a name to a face and makes it easier for them to relate to you.
Next, let people know what you can do for them
Turn your passion to action. Tell people what your business does better or differently and this will give them a reason to choose your business over another.
Finally, give people a way to get in contact
Don’t forget to let people know how to contact you. Include: email, phone number, address, YouTube channel, company website and social media.


Make it personal
Keep the cameras rolling as much as possible when shooting. This will help capture spontaneous, unscripted and funny moments on set which can give an authentic feel to a video.

Plan the advert
You don’t want to miss any important information out of the video. Prepare a list of specific talking points. When shooting, check the list regularly to make sure everything is being included.

Highlight the product

First, give people an overview of the product or service.
Breaking down your own product or service is a great way to help people see all the work that is put in.
Next, talk about what makes your product or service stand out.
Think about what you offer compared to others. What are the unique elements of the product which could help it to rise to the top of people’s mind?
Finally, show people where they can learn more.
Remember to let interested people know where they can get more information. Include: company website, YouTube channel, phone number, email, address & social media tags.


Extra products
If a specific product is featuring in the video, make sure to have a few more of that product on set, in case you want to change it at all during the shoot.

Plan the shots
It’s important to plan the shots before filming starts. For example, if a wide shot of the workplace is wanted, choose different angles to see which looks better.

Create promotions
First, capture the viewer’s interest.
Building excitement for the promotion is important. The more buzz that is created, the more attention it will grab.

Next, fill viewers in on the details
Let the viewers know what they are getting excited for. Having a clear promotion will make it easier for the viewers to remember.

Finally, let viewers know how to participate
The viewer’s attention has been grabbed, now is the time to let them know how they can participate. Remember provide website, email, phone number, address, social media links and YouTube channel.


Make it clear
Keep the video content as concise as possible. The details of the promotion are conveyed better through the ‘About’ section of the video or website, or even as a link to a separate source.

Name the promotion
A simple and catchy name for the promotion will help people recall it easier. Think about a name and try to keep it visible throughout the video. This can be done using titles, voice over call outs or signals and banners that are a part of the set.

Educate customers about the business
First, building trust is important
An important part of this process is the introductions. People will be more interested in what is said when they feel as if they know the owner.
Next, give people a ‘101’ on the business.
A crash course on the product or service offered is a great way to show people what kind of benefit is provided.
Finally, let people know where more information can be found.
Again don’t forget to include: email, phone number, address, the company’s website and other social media links. And encourage people to subscribe to the YouTube channel if there are more videos or more are planned.


Use a tripod
Using a tripod helps for instructional videos and for shooting everything from the same angle & positions. It will make editing the foundations shots together easiers.

Testimonials They are a great way to build credibility. When interviewing customers, try to think of at least 10 questions to ask. A wide range of answers will be given and the best answers can be chosen.

Launch an advert
1- Select video
If a video already fits the needs of the business, simply use that when creating an advert. If a new video is needed upload it to YouTube.
2- Customise advert settings
Set a comfortable daily budget, target the right customers for the business based on age, gender, interests & location.
3- Launch the advert
After entering the billing information, start reaching for customers on YouTube.




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