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Using Video Marketing to Say 'Hello' to Potential Clients

Video Marketing for Modern Business Development

A video brings a modern feel to marketing and business development activities. Below there is an outline for a single general introduction/overview video, the points can be used altogether or separately. If the outline is used it means that the video can be edited and re-edited for different purposes. In order to have a suite of material, the video could be cut with other content to create something different and also to have a range of more specific videos for example: a regulatory overview, a case study etc.

How it could be used

An introductory video can be used for many reasons and also in multiple contexts for multiple purposes
• Introductory piece for new customers on the website
• Edited for recruitment, perhaps graduate recruitment
• Submissions for awards
• Proposals
• Inward investment purposes
• Presentations (on screen at a business event)
• Follow up to a meeting
• PR, specifically digital.

Target audience/s
Making sure the video appeals to the target audience is important as they are crucial to a business. Target audience includes:
• Decision makers
• New contacts who need to know more about the company
• Prospective employees
• Referrers & intermediaries
• Individuals
• Partners
• Firms who are in the same field
• Companies staff – helps to reinforce key messages.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

There are many benefits to having an introductory video and a suite of material.
• Helps position the company at the right level
• Google rankings
• New tool to add to the marketing suite
• Multi-channel tool can be used in multiple of ways
• Easy to edit, appeal to variety of audience.

Media use
The video should be able to be placed on a variety of social media sites.
• Company site: homepage,‘about us’,recruitment et al
• YouTube
• Google+
• LinkedIn company page (products page)
• PR and Media outlets

There are certain specifications that introductory videos should try to adhere too:
• 60-90 seconds in length
• Use infographics, music, voiceover and talking heads
• Modern and clean to ensure longevity.

• Needs to be able to be found on Google
• Add call to actions on YouTube version of video
• Twitter, LinkedIn etc. used to increase viewings
• Add captions to the video
• Use keywords.




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