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Using Video Adverts on Facebook

Facebook video adverts bring businesses to life.

There is over a 50% growth of video viewing on Facebook, which means with Facebook video adverts businesses are driving awareness and sales. Whether you are B2B or B2C, having a Facebook presence is a vital part of any marketing strategy, and with the latest facility to use video it adds even great oomph to your plans.

Use Facebook Video to reach more people who matter to the business. It can help you be at the centre of daily discovery: People in the US check their News Feed on Facebook at an average of 14 times per day. Although we’re usually a little behind in the UK, my experience of seeing people checking their social status on mobile phones is that it’s growing apace over this side of the pond too. The good thing for business is that by using the Facebook tools you can show your video to more people who matter to your business. You can target people based on interests, behaviours, age, gender & location. In fact, there endless variations that can hone your target market.

Video adverts work across all devices including desktop & mobile. Facebook is used more than all other mobile apps & programmes combined in the US and is still growing in the UK – so it seems to make sense to include video as part of your social media campaigns.

How to create a video advert.

From your homepage click the arrow in the top right hand corner and select Create adverts. After, choose Get video views to start.
Set target audience, budget and schedule. Select interests, behaviours, location, age and gender of the target audience. Then choose the budget & schedule.
Choose video. Upload a new video or use one from your library & select a thumbnail image.
Add text. Write a clear & simple message to encourage the target audience to view the video.

Increase views for the video.

Upload the video directly to Facebook.
Videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook perform better. They also provide a better viewing experience for people than videos from other websites.
• Drive more video views
• Images on News Feeds are up to 11x larger.
Use the new video views objective.
The video views objective optimises the video automatically to show it to the people on Facebook who are more likely to view it.
• Increase the number of people the video reaches
• Improve efficiency for the video adverts.
Learn how the video performed.
Use the video metrics in Adverts Reporting under Edit columns to give a full insight on how to improve the video.
• Video views (at 3 seconds)
• Different quartile views.




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