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5 ways to help you get a good video promotion

5 ways to help you get a good video promotion

5 ways to guarantee a tremendous video

Video can be an incredibly effective way for people to understand what you are selling; it’s a great way to introduce clients to your business and to reveal the character and ethos of who you are, as well as give potential clients the opportunity to experience your product or service in their own time as a pre-amble to purchasing. However, to be successful it’s essential that the video is well made, compelling and makes sense. A lot of people think that videos are rather scary partly because they can cost a lot, and with many marketing promotions, it’s hard to measure tangible Return on Investment. Indeed, there are videos that cost a lot and only end up with very few views on YouTube! However, if the aim of the video was to target a very small audience for a specific purpose, such as launching a new brand to a select number of high street names, then the aim wasn’t to get lots of views, just specific views. One of the key starting points for any successful video is to define your target audience and the desired response.

Key tips to help you get a perfect video for your business.

1. Know what you like
The more videos and other imagery you can use as references, the easier it will be for the video maker to understand what you are trying to achieve, which means you will be happier with the outcome. However, do be realistic too; liking a £10K video is one thing, but trying to achieve the same effect for £2K is a different kettle of fish, and you’ll need the video maker to guide you as to what is practical and feasible.
*Tip: Collect reference material that you like and dislike so the video maker has a clear understanding for your video aspirations.
2. Hire the right video maker
An obvious thought, but a lot of videos are made by the wrong people. There are many different styles and techniques in video, so you need to make sure the video maker matches the desired style of the video to reach the outcome you want. It’s useful to see the sort of work they have done in the past, have a look at some samples of what they’ve done and ask for budget guides for the samples.
*Tip: Don’t think that the video maker has to be in the same town or city as you, unless you want to be in the video yourself. A large percentage of our video clients are many miles from our studio and we do most of our filming on location away from base.
3. Set a clear brief
Most people who are unhappy with their video didn’t give a clear brief, didn’t clearly say what they wanted, or didn’t make sure their brief was understood. To make sure the video is what you actually want make sure to be crystal clear on the reason for the video. Having a clear message is essential, and in fact a good video has ONE clear message with maybe 2 subtexts. It is still the video maker’s decision with how they will portray your vision and achieve what you want but having that clear brief is essential.
*Tip: Set the single message, outline the look of the video and what tone you want the video to portray (funny – always very tricky; heartfelt, full of attitude or edgy) and always state why, so the video maker can use you decisions. Remember that the style of your videos needs to compliment and blend with your business style as well.
4. Set a schedule
You need to set a project start dates, dates for work-in-progress reviews and a date for final delivery. Explicitly state and agree what is expected at each stage, with technical requirements as well. A good video company will ask about delivery requirements early on as it often defines the production method.
5. Clear communication about progress
A lack of communication will slow you down and result in a video that you are not happy with. Speak up immediately if you don’t understand a choice your video maker has made or you don’t feel that the direction they have taken is the right one. You don’t want to get to the stage of editing the video and then start questioning the premise of the video. If you do this you’ll be given two options: either ‘more money’ or ‘it’s too late’. With detailed agendas or milestones, it will be clear what level of feedback you should be giving and when. Don’t forget to praise for a job well done to your video makers: they are putting their hearts on their sleeves for you so will appreciate thanks and consideration of their skills.
*Tip: Communication is key; communicate with each other, be open, honest and listen to the professionals’ advice, they’ve done this many times before.




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