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Prime Minister is Listening

David Cameron had said he wants to hear what more can be done to help small and medium-sized enterprises in driving growth and job creation. It seems we’ve been hearing this for awhile now, and though the right noises are being made in a few areas it’s still does’t feel like a level playing field and there are still empty shops on the High Street.

FSB National Chairman, John Allan and 20 members of the FSB pressed David Cameron and George Osborne to address their concerns on issues such as: business rates, waste management and landfill tax, exporting, fuel duty and how government could help small firms with tax breaks. Small firms can’t and probably don’t want to use tax loopholes to defer their due taxes, but it would be helpful if local councils could consider having small firms with regards to business rates; we would pay the same rates on our premises whether we turned over half a million a year, or six million a year – that doesn’t seem right, or does it?

Simon Edmondson, a Regional Chairman stated: “There is a feeling among small businesses that UK Trade and Investment support for exporters is tailored more for larger businesses, while small firms struggle to access the help they need.” This has certainly been our experience too.

David Cameron then told the audience: “We have a long term economic plan and good economic news in terms of growth. Job creation is coming from start-ups and small businesses taking on more people. As a Government we try to listen to the small business voice in terms of rates, energy costs, bureaucracy and employment legislation, but there’s always more to be done.”





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