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Getting your message out to clients with ever increasing demands on their times means succinct, memorable messages get better results. One of our clients has had great success with our video newsletters; Theresa Marks is an HR Consultant who specialises in helping SMEs with their employee relations, liabilities and development.

This month she highlighted the changes in legislation relating to shared maternity leave – something of interest to anyone with employees, and maybe of greater interest to small busineses where losing an employee on maternity leave can have a big impact on the business. Have a look at Theresa’s newsletter and get in touch with her direct if you’d like to see how to prepare for future requests.

Watch the video here

Theresa has had a very positive response to her video newsletters plus she finds it’s a quick way of getting news across and for getting in front of potential clients, or reminding existing clients about what she does.

And of course if you’d like to find out how to make video newsletters work for your business, then give us a call at Take One!




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