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Sharing and Working with Video in the Cloud

Brightcove is a highly scalable and secure video hosting platform, tried, tested and trusted by some of the world’s most recognised brands. A number of our larger clients use Brightcove and have found it very user friendly; partnering with an industry-leader that continually brings new innovations to the customers, can future proof your online video investment. These days it’s equally as important to know how to access your video materials after production as well as during production, and with HD files becoming more common a sturdy platform for video file transfers is essential.

With Brightcove you will be supported by a wealth of resources, from dedicated account managers, global support and extensive documentation. One of Brightcover users said:

“Brightcove Video Cloud is very clearly the best choice. It allows us to look at the video asset itself as an opportunity for engagement to happen.” PUMA.
Brightcove is supported on devices such as iPhones, iPads, and as a Mobile Web App and is available in Asia, Australia, United Kingdom and United States. The starting price for the service is $99.00/£62.97 per month on subscription. A free trial is available and no credit card details are required.

In summary:
Brightcove is a single, integrated solution for all online video needs. They offer:
* Uploading & Encoding-Multi-channel upload offered.
* Content Management-Control geographic access and schedules to define where and when your videos can be viewed.
* HTML5 Video-Style and brand your video players based on templates.
* Delivery-Video Cloud creates at least 6 different renditions of each video uploaded.
* Advertising-Ad-supported business can take advantage of the suite of video advertising features with tools for ad insertions.
* YouTube Sync-Automatically sync your videos to your YouTube channel.
* Live Streaming-Multi-bitrate live streaming delivering consistently high quality, smooth video with multi-bitrate live streaming, which can be reached by your audience on the web or mobile devices including iPads, iPhones and Androids.
* Social Media-Reach new audiences by sharing videos on social media platforms such as Facebook.
* Analytics-Based on real-time architecture that uses big data technology, data is delivered within minutes after collection and reports give hourly snapshots allowing the organisation to see a detailed understanding of content performance.
* Players & Styling-Brightcove offer a wide range of designs and templates for your video player.
* Hybrid Digital TV-The Video Cloud Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) simplifies delivery of personalised video and interactive experiences to users with connected TV and set-top boxes.


The second option we’ve been investigating is MediaFire.
MediaFire isn’t quite a cloud backup solution (although you can use it for one, if you wish) it also isn’t like the other file sharing services. MediaFire gives you more for your money, and also offers more than just file sharing. MediaFire comes as a free offering with limited features. Uploading files and sharing files is made simple with MediaFire. You won’t have to queue up to download a file, limit speed or download only one file at a time. Plus you get 10GB for free, without having to pay anything. MediaFire could be a good option for smaller projects with clients who are on a limited budget and maybe don’t need the all singing and dancing backup facilities of larger corporates.

Pricing Plans
MediaFire offers 3 plans ranging from free to business.
Free-Only need a username, password and email address to sign up. 10GB of storage is given for free. Inactive accounts get deleted after about 1 year. Features such as viewing documents and editing in MediaFire, file and folder sharing, and unlimited fast simultaneous downloads are also available. One-time Links (which expire after the file has been downloaded once) for 15 links a day. You can also have 1 custom folder link.
Pro-$29.88/£18.93 per year if paid monthly for 1TB. $24.99/£15.84 per year if paid yearly (2 months free and $10/£6.34 saving). Everything mentioned above is available with extras. Secure redundant backups, downloading entire folders, priority email support and enhanced security are offered. 500 One-time Links per day aswell as 25 custom customer folder links. Detailed download statistics, fully customizable branding and FileDrop uploader are available for Pro users.
Business-$299.88/£190.03 per year if paid monthly. $259.96/164.73 per year if paid quarterly both for 1TB. Amount of storage can be chosen from 1TB to 100TB. All the above applies to the Business plan. 100+ additional users can be added, fully customizable branding and detailed security log are all available along with 5000 One-time Links per day, 100 custom folder links.

All your media, anywhere you go-MediaFire stores all your media and makes it available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device you have. So with our ever increasing need to view video files on the move on mobile devices, Mediafire is worth considering. You can share your media: your photos, videos, songs and documents can be shared, viewed and listened to over 200 different file format – right in your browser or mobile device.
Social by design, you can collaborate on projects, share folders and files and control who can edit and who can view. Invite friends through Facebook, Google, Twitter or email to connect to MediaFire.
Safe and Secure-Important files and not-so-important files can be backed up to MediaFire with up to 50GB of free space. Files are saved securely and privately.
You’re in good company, it’s not students using MediaFire, but increasing numbers of creative professionals and even people at Fortune 500 companies are connecting and sharing files this way.





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