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New Awards to Recognise Key Role of Digital Media

A chance to shine in the digital communications world with the Digital Village and Constant Contact Digital Awards which will be showcased at the Trade Only National Show (TONS) in January.

The Awards will represent the very best digital marketing efforts that our industry has to offer. It will also be an opportunity to showcase our online efforts over the past 12 months, so get cracking boys and girls. Actually, we’re not really into Awards generally, but this does seem to be one worth watching and it does at last take account of the impact of the digital communication formats; even though video isn’t specifically mentioned it could of course be a part of any or all of the sections.

The awards to be presented are:
* Best Email Campaign 2014
* Best Use of Social Media in 2014
* Best Industry Web Site 2014
* Best Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign 2014.

The awards are open to all companies working in the UK promotional merchandise industry, not sure that includes us as video producers for businesses, but we’ll be interested in the entries and winners as there are bound to be some creative people involved.

Digital is now a vital part of each and every business and as it grows it continues to be an area which is changing rapidly. Viewers are quickly bored with the same themes and new ideas need to come forward; however, sometimes the kind of flash, bang, whallop stuff with lots of animations and great CGI does make us miss the message; content is key and though the Christmas commercials for Sainsburys, M&S, John Lewis and so on are amazing mini films, do they really make us want to buy from them and is the content strong enough? We specialise in videos that use content as the key to their success rather than lots of flashy graphics and movie style sets; a good storyline counts for good results in the long run. Anyway, the awards will be judged by an independent expert marketing panel selected by Constant Contact who will be looking at the following criteria:
* Design
* Content (Yay!)
* Use
* Effectiveness.

One big plus of this Awards do is that it’s free to enter, so it really is open to everyone in the industry – unlike some industry awards that cost an arm and a leg to get into.

So if you fancy your chances send your entries via email to digitalawards@tradeonly.com with a short statement telling the judges why you think your website or campaign deserves to win, along with a URL, or link to the content.

Your award entry must display the following:

* Company name, logo and contact details
* Name/title of your website or campaign
* Demon images (500 pixels x 500 pixels) and/or text
* Why your pieces is the best in 50 words

All award entries must be received by midday on 1st December 2014, so time is short and of course entries received after the deadline will not be accepted. One entry per company, per award. The judge’s decision is final.

Good luck everyone!




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