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Deal With The Media Online Training

Deal with the Media is an online training course which helps you gain media attention and how to make an impact once you have it. The course has the help of industry professionals as well as Sir Trevor McDonald, well-known news presenter. If you’ve already done one of Take One TV’s media training courses on video presentations, or indeed any other face to face media training workshops, then this could be a great way of refreshing your knowledge. Video is an increasingly important part of any company communications and having a bit of professional guidance can make all the difference to your presentation – turning it into an enjoyable experience that you can control rather than something that gives you nightmares!

There are six modules to the course which you can take at your own pace. These include:
* Part 1 – Get Journalists’ Attention
* Part 2 – Radio/Essential Interview Technique
* Part 3 – TV/Further Interview Technique
* Part 4 – Deal with the Print Media/Further Interview Technique
* Part 5 – Online and Social Media
* Part 6 – Deal with the Media in the event of a Crisis
Each module includes different areas of focus and all together they make up what is needed for you to gain attention from the media and make the most of it for your company.

Part 1 – Get Journalists’ Attention
This module includes content on how to identify the key messages in your piece that will make the public remember you and also identify the right journalists for your story. It will also help with how to write a press release to grab journalists’ attention. Local newspapers and magazines are often inundated with pieces of information, so making yours stand out from the crowd is essential.

Part 2 – Radio/Essential Interview Technique
Simulated interview is broken down in detail to demonstrate the rights and wrongs of essential interview technique. You will be taught what makes a good radio interview. Without visual images you need to create engagement with your voice, actually that’s a useful technique for video too! There will be input from a BBC radio presenter and a real interview with an entrepreneur, followed by an analysis from the media trainers. You will also be given a list of top points from Sir Trevor McDonald.

Part 3 – TV/Further Interview Technique
This part of the course also includes simulated interviews but you will learn the rights and wrong of more advanced interview technique and the elements of what makes a good television interview. Tips on how to look good on TV which include advice on clothes, posture, body language and general appearance. There will be extra input from a TV producer from the BBC, Channel 4, Five & MTV and a real interview with a business person, with an analysis from their media trainers.

Part 4 – Deal with the Print Media/Further Interview Technique
Learn the elements of what makes a good print interview, how to avoid traps set by print journalists. There will be extra input from a fleet street journalist (the Sun on Sunday). Plus some sections that you have done before to help consolidate the key learning points.

Part 5 – Online & Social Media
Learn how to find the right blogs to help cover your story, how to contact bloggers with the hope of them noticing you, how to start your own blog, how to be a recognised expert in your niche online and also, how to make the most of your social media. Regular blogging can really help with your search engine results listing and increase the impact of your website. You can also add video to many blogs through a YouTube embed link, again more power to your online presence.

Part 6 – Deal with the Media in the event of a Crisis
Learn tried and tested methods with regards in how to handle the media during a crisis and also how to deal with aggressive questioning. This is a specialist area but there are some key common points that can be valuable to anyone in business.

The Team
Tine Van Houts – Media Trainer
Drawing from more than 20 years international experience as an award-winning journalist and foreign correspondent working for newspapers, radio and television.

Sir Trevor McDonald – Host
One of the most famous and trusted figures in British broadcasting history.

Rosie Goldsmith – Media Trainer
With a background as a journalist specializing in arts and international affairs.

Mark Webster – Media Trainer
Established media trainer with huge experience as both a journalist and as a Director of Communications.

Although you don’t have to do all the modules if you don’t wish to it is highly recommended to complete the entire course as you will get the most out of it. Some of the modules have been made available individually so you can pick and choose which you wish to complete.

For more information on this media training course please visit: http://dealwiththemedia.com




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