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Is Video the New Black?

The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee’s research across UK businesses shows a definite improvement in the economy with businesses beginning to open their purses again after the dramatic clamp down in the last few years! Good news all round, because when bigger business start to spend everyone benefits at some point.

Another exciting finding in recent surveys is that a dramatic increase in funding within marketing departments has shown up and been forecast. For our industry that is really great news since the budgets, or so we’re told, are being increase for video content marketing, by almost 70% in some cases, and those monies are being used to fund a number of different forms of content.

With better and more accessible mobile technology other forms of video content are beneficial. For example, video newsletters, email marketing, social media clips and PR pieces are all very popular with the online audience. And of course video continues to be a big hitter for SEO results.

93% of those surveyed said they were regularly engaged with video marketing, compared to the 84% in 2013. A 9% increase underlining the growing popularity of video marketing. And it’s not pretty pictures that are entertaining people, viewers are buying – 82% of the people surveyed said that some form of video marketing has had a positive impact for their buying decisions. Video is certainly the new black for savvy marketeers, and not just for the big businesses either, smaller companies can benefit just as much without having to spend more than they would of done on advertising and printing in the past, yet with far better results!

New algorithm updates seem to be coming out on a regular basis now tailoring towards video content so it’s hardly surprising that search engines are clearly taking video into account as a key player within SEO.

However, the key thing to take away from this is that it isn’t just the pretty pictures, it’s strong content that matters – people may find your business and website because of the video content, but when they do find you they need to see something of value and something that reflects a true image of what you do – DIY stuff doesn’t hack it with our new audiences, not when you’re asking them to trust you to do a good job for them; you have to build trust and engage with the audience in way that befits your offering otherwise they’ll simply click away within a few moments to someone who has a better story to tell.




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