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The Internet of Things Connects

The Internet of Things (IoT). What is IoT? IoT is a network of connected electrical devices, anything that has the capability to connect to the internet or with each other. These devices include: smart phones, fridges, heating systems, coffee machines, power sockets, washing machines and even the new Google glass or Samsung watch. The IoT is going to revolutionise how we live, how we work and how we buy. Now whilst video may not be something you’ll receive via your coffee machine, there are nonetheless a multitude of other devices where video can be received. Businesses are fast realising the power of video for promoting and communicating across these devices.

Broadband is now at a lower cost and is widely available. The connection costs are decreasing, more and more gadgets and devices are being created with the capabilities of connecting to wi-fi and with sensors built-in. Technology costs are decreasing and the use of smart-phones is at an all time high.
All these factors are coming together to make the perfect environment for the IoT to grow at a rapid pace.
Analysts Gartner predict that by 2020, almost 26 billion devices will be connected, some are estimating that the number will be even higher at 100 billion devices.Over 75% of senior executives already watch video via a selection of devices, often their mobiles and tablets, but somewhere on the web, when looking for new suppliers.

IoT is basically a giant network of connected devices, gadgets and people. There are three types of relationships that may emerge, these include: people-people, people-things and things-things. The new rule in the future will be: ‘Anything that can be connected, will be connected.’

You’re travelling to your morning meeting. Your car checks the traffic, knows where you are going and who your meeting is with. Your car then sends an e-mail automatically to let the other people know that you are running late.
Your alarm clock wakes you up at 6.30am. It then notifies your coffee machine to start brewing a cup ready for when you have finished in the shower. Maybe it won’t be long before there is a small video incorporated into the coffee machine which uses a person to choose your coffee intake as opposed to just reading words! Would it make a difference to sales? Maybe, maybe not. But would it make a difference to the consumer experience? Ah, well maybe, maybe not…. it probably wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it could be a brand enhancer, maybe.

Your printer knows that it is running out of ink. And automatically orders a new cartridge from the shop.
Or maybe a fridge that knows when you’re out of wine and can order some from the supermarket.

It sounds like something from the film “I, Robot” but it is fast becoming reality.

Oral-B, the dental hygiene brand has launched a blue-tooth enabled toothbrush. It connects to your smart-phone and helps you understand the areas of your mouth you miss when brushing your teeth. It can also alert you as to when the brush head needs changing, and also it can help parents check whether their children have been brushing their teeth sufficiently.

IoT will provide us with endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t imagine or understand the full impact of today.
It will open the doors to a lot of great opportunities and a lot of challenges. Security and data protection will be at the forefront of these concerns.




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