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Photoshop - is it just for photographs?

Photoshop has been around for almost 25 years. Used in creative departments around the world, it is most famous for altering or editing pictures. This makes Photoshop a well known editing programme. With the coined phrase “That’s been Photoshopped” making its way into everyone’s vocabulary, there is a lot more Photoshop can do that you don’t know about. Here is the first in a series of elements that you might want to consider for the future:

At Take One we use Photoshop and After Effects regularly for titles and logo animations; it is a powerful combination but just cos almost everyone has the software it doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use it and usually the biggest surprise is the amount of time it takes to create a logo or title animation – they key thing is the best ones always look simple and as if they should just be that way, but the simple things often hide many hours of skilled beavering at a computer screen or two or three in fact. Have a go:

Exporting 3D data to After Effects: Up in the top left corner, so small it can barely be seen, of the Photoshop Vanishing Point filter, is a drop away menu icon which includes an “Export for After Effects” option (you will also see and option to “Export to 3DS Max and to a DXF file too incidentally). To use this tool, try drawing some “Vanishing Point grids” on a picture of a building, which has noticeable perspective using the “Vanishing Points Create Plane Tool”. Choose the “Export for After Effects” option and save to convenient folder. This will create a VPE (Vanishing Point Export) package. This will include images and the necessary 3D data for “After Effects” to interpret. Open up “After Effects” and “Import” the data using “File” menu to pull in a series of files which will allow you to reconstruct the building picture you drew those grids on as a 3D model in “After Effects”.




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