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What’s in a name? When I first heard the word URSA I immediately thought of Ursa Minor and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A bit of throw back to the long and distant past perhaps, but URSA on the contrary is a throw forward, so maybe still in the sci-fi realm.

It’s a new bit of Black Magic kit that goes with the rush to 4K – it is an interesting development and has more possibilities than 3D or maybe even augmented reality, at least for cinematography and high end productions, however not for the standard corporates in the foreseeable future. The pictures are stunning but we just don’t have the band width capacity nor technology to receive this sort of content on a domestic scale – let’s face it, even in the centre of the London where you’d expect broadband speeds to be fibre and fast, there are places where it’s better to use 4G.

The key to good corporate video is the value of the content, that means asking the right questions and targeting the audience. Of course, good quality images and sound are also key, they represent your business to potential clients,and good content with poor images doesn’t create the right impression to potential customers.

But anyway, back to URSA or perhaps URSA Minor – I was involved in the first ever multi-tracked version of the Hitchhikers Guide and at the time it was a revolutionary advance in technology recorded on real tape with lots of technicians from the BBC tweaking and poking. Nothing really changes…..




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