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What's in a name?

Just noticed this new term on Linked In for Sound Designers? How does that differ from a Location Sound Recordist? We are planning a largish shoot at the moment at St Paul’s and, unusually, need a couple of extra professional sound recordists for the video recording units; our team of experts is at full stretch so started to look for recommendations and rather than Sound Recordists found Sound Designers. When did that happen? It seems they do much of the same things as a location recordist with boom operator/swinger, mixers and radio mics; intriguing, have made a note to investigate further before my guys ask for a change of designation at their next review.

What next? Maybe I should start calling myself something new, what could it be and actually what’s in a name anyway, we still know what gaffers and grips do, a cameraman is a cameraman – I hope – but maybe there’s room for a few new ones, in reality cameramen are all different in that they have differing specialties, but still the basics are the same – suggestions much appreciated and the successful ones will get a little gift from the team at Take One as a thank you.




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