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Captain Jack Sparrow to be sent a warning letter about piracy

Written by John Groves

Well shiver me timbers me hearties!

Pirates are going to be sent a letter to request them to desist in their dastardly crimes on the information superhighway.

If found downloading copyright material the IP addresses of people found illegally downloading music, games and films will be noted and passed on to their ISP who will then send out a warning letter informing them of the consequences of their actions. The original plan suggested by the industry was that offenders should have their broadband connections suspended or cut off following repeat offences. This has been watered down to a warning shot across the bows in an attempt to frighten the pirates into submission.

Following recent research into several P2P file sharing sites it was found that of the 30 sites checked only one site didn’t contain the threat of downloading malware or contained a credit card scam. It was found that download buttons on the sites often linked to unwanted programs or malware. Some had pop-up warnings that claimed that it had found a virus infection on the computer’s hard drive and by clicking on a button the virus would be identified and removed but in actual fact clicking on the button installed spyware on to the computer. Research carried out by Oxford University found that of the 30 sites visited:

4 contained “ransomware” where the PC’s files were encrypted so as to become useless until a payment was made.

27 contained spyware which sent back information about browsing habits, email messages and passwords.

27 caused browser hijacking, sending the user’s browser off to other infected sites and also contained files that could monitor the user’s internet activity.

However, none of the pirate sites was found to download malicious software without the user having to click on a link first.

Ironically, the recent award winning film “Captain Phillips” starring Tom Hanks which was based on the actual events of Samalian Pirates who hijacked the container ship MV Maersk Alabama has itself been subject to hijacking but this time by internet pirates.

Ooh arr, avast me hearties, look lively lads and run up the skull and crossbones you scurvy scum and give ‘em a broadside sending them all for a swim with Davy Jones!

Now where’s my tot of Rum.





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