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BBC iPlayer preferred choice for viewing

The BBC’s iPlayer registered 320 million TV and radio requests in March 2014! That means it is fast becoming the preferred method of viewing choice for TV viewers in the UK. It shows an 18% year-on-year increase and gives a new record for the online catch-up service.

Interestingly, much of the increase has come from mobile viewing. Not so long ago we all thought that we had to be in front of the television set or maybe the computer to watch television, but the evidence shows that mobiles and tablet devices account for pretty well half of the total traffic.

These trends are reflected in the business world too where more people are searching the internet and viewing videos on their mobile devices for business information; fewer seemed to be locked into desktop machines or even to their ‘own’ desk space so videos that work well on mobile devices are increasingly important – viewers are not going to wait for material to buffer.

Also, good video keeps viewers on websites for longer and of course Google likes that so gives a boost to ratings on the search engines; as importantly, viewers are engaging with businesses, and the people within businesses more readily, through well-constructed video content. One of our clients reported an 86% increase in new business directly traced to his video webshot!

The key things to remember though are that our attention spans are getting shorter, so getting the message across succinctly is key. Targeted video benefits from no more than 3 key messages per segment. The message has more impact if it shares something unique, i.e. you don’t just sell widgets – cos lots of people do that – but what you do do is sell your own passion for what you do, sharing your experience and expertise as well as engaging with clients so that they feel valued and look to you as a source of reliable information.




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