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FACEBOOK in Virtual Reality

Applications for Virtual Reality (VR) technology are moving beyond gaming, with a number of industries experimenting with the technology. Now whilst we may think that VR is going to be consigned to the same fate as 3D television, that is a bit of a non-event, we do have to take some notice of VR when we hear that Facebook has bought into the technology.

Facebook has apparently paid an amazing $2 billion for a VR gadget company called Oculus; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg believes that VR technology is a strong candidate as the next social and communications platform. He feels that it will change the way we work, play and communicate for ever. Well he’s certainly someone to pay attention too and maybe a bit of magic is about to happen – we did visit a client’s premises last week and found they had upgraded all the desk phones to video phones because they found the ability to see and hear their callers made them more productive! Goes back to the idea that video works well for communication, it’s a seeing and hearing communication – interesting times ahead perhaps.




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