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For many small businesses, hosting their videos on You Tube is a great way of improving ratings with search engines, pushing them further up the organic results. However, one of the bugbears in the past has been that with the improved hit on SEO results came the branding of You Tube which has been part and parcel of the package.

Now many people don’t worry about it; and being linked to videos about cats and car crashes along with some other weird stuff on You Tube isn’t necessarily an issue if you’re selling B2C in certain markets.

However, other business feel the You Tube branding doesn’t fit well with their own brand and have in the past felt they needed to pay for a hosting service that would allow the videos to have custom branding. I have to say I’ve seen a few high end conference centres/hotels with video on their websites hosted on You Tube and it does kind of downgrade the overall impression.

So, businesses offering top notch services or products, such as hotels, spas, golf clubs perhaps, or for those whose target market are large corporates, then here’s a bit of good news: you can now remove the You Tube branding on embedded videos. It’s just a case of adding a bit of code to the end of the embed string and there you go – brilliant, best bit of news we’ve had from You Tube for ages!

Thanks to ReelSEO for highlighting this bit of news: http://www.reelseo.com/remove-youtube-logo/

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