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4K Video Production

Seems that 4K HD production is the latest buzz in the video and film business. No,we’re not talking about £4K budgets, rather 4 thousand pixel horizontal resolution! But just because it’s the buzz word at the moment, does every producer and commissioner need to leap onto this latest development, or even ever?

Well, there’s no doubt that Ultra HD 4K video production technology is exciting, and gives a great viewing experience. If you get a chance to view some sample footage in your local department store you’ll be impressed with the quality of the images. However, do bear in mind that those samples have been specifically shot for 4K display, so your normal TV at home isn’t likely to be able to display the materials, unless it’s an Ultra HD TV, and they cost about £7K at the moment.

So 4K is cost restrictive, but of course more and more manufacturers are coming into the market and the prices will begin fall. In fact, you can already get 4K production kit for just below $2,000, which means that ultra-high resolution recording is no longer limited to top-end broadcasters and professionals. If things continue as per the HD story, 4K technology will be within the reach of all video producers within a short space of time, then even keen amateur enthusiasts will be making 4K movies, perhaps even on their mobile phones one day soon!

4K is definitely stunning to watch, but is it really necessary and is it something that commissioners should be asking for? Probably not, but it really depends on the purpose of the material and the viewer requirements. It is the latest buzz in the industry, and much like people started to ask for video footage in HD when actually the end product was going to be shown in standard definition, which means that generally it would be better to acquire the original materials in SD and save a lot of number crunching at the end of post production, we’ll probably find those with a little bit of knowledge will start requesting 4K.

However, whilst it is great to see technology continuing to develop and have the opportunity to appreciate the quality of 4K productions, we think for the majority of corporate needs it’s really not necessary and probably won’t become a status quo requirement. And there reasons we feel that way, well here are just a couple of our comments on the uptake of 4K.

It would require a large investment in Ultra HD display equipment, and let’s be honest, how many corporate users continue to use DVDs and still struggle to move up to Blu-Ray? Stunning pictures are great for block buster movies and wild life programmes, but really that’s a small part of the market and corporates are more interested in the content than stunning pictures – sad but true! And also can our television channels and internet sources really cope with all that extra pixel weight? In many areas it’s still a struggle to get iPlayer working without it dropping out to buffer and unless you’ve got high speed broadband, forget it.

So as a result we feel that 4K is a long way off being the standard format, which means that thankfully we won’t need to be investing for quite a while because the corporate video programmes we make have stunning content and impact in their own right!





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