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You Tube's "About" Section gets you found

You Tube’s “About” Section helps you get found
Something that people often forget about when setting up their You Tube channel is the “About” section. This is the area which you can use to promote your channel and engage with viewers, giving them a glimpse in 45 characters of the benefits they will get from viewing and subscribing.
Key to do that will help you get the most of the “About” Section are:
1.Include your social media and web links,
such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In
2.Make sure your description is keyword rich and what viewers will gain from viewing
3.Ensure the first 45 characters or so give your key message and include key words as this part of the description is usually visible when your You Tube channel appears in search results.
4.Choose an appropriate thumbnail to represent your channel or video message – this also appears next to the search engine results and statistically gives you a greater chance of engagement.
You Tube is the world’s second largest search engine so once you’ve got your lovely promotional or content rich video, make sure it’s working at its best by utilising the full power of the channel!




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