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We’ve just made our annual pilgrimage across London to visit the 2014 Broadcast and Video Exhibition (BVE) at the ExCel centre, Canary Wharf in the heart of London’s docklands.
I should explain for those that don’t already know that BVE is the TV and video industry’s look at what’s new and where future technology is pointing us when it comes to all things video.

After a two hour tube journey we finally arrived at the venue, not a good start to, what is, a tiring walk around a very large venue to look at… well, very little actually. 4K seemed to be the flavour of the year with more and more 4K cameras biding for our hard earned coffers. Now I will admit that this has its place, but I maintain it’s still in the realms of the cinematographers and not so much broadcast television and certainly not corporate video unless the programme is to be shown on a very large conference screen for a blue chip company that has plenty of money to spend, and where do you find those these days? Okay, apart from the bankers!
BVE 2014
This paints a pretty picture!
Not sure what he was doing by rolling toy cars around in wet paint on a canvas.

Nothing stood out as to capture my attention and make me reach for that all important piece of plastic after I’d just experienced that “I must have” new piece of tech demo-ed in front of me. Shame, as I was in the mood to purchase some shiny new LED studio lights.
In fact it was a clear sign of corporate apathy that several past, and long established, exhibitors were noticeable by their absence from this year’s show, probably brought on by the poor attendance at last year’s expo. This was the second day of the expo and already the exhibitors were showing signs of “I wish this were all over” syndrome and there was still one more day to go. Interestingly, the organisers insisted on re-registering our badges when we re-entered the exhibition hall after having returned from a very expensive burger lunch. Was this an attempt to boost up the overall attendance figures, I have to ask?

Judging by the amount of unsolicited emails I received every single day starting a month before the expo even began, I was promised and expecting some considerable “wow” factor with new tech abounding and my bank balance teetering on replicating the Eurozone deficit. Fortunately, this year my bank manager can breathe a sigh of relief and my mortgage is safe for another year.

So to sum up the event; nothing captured my imagination or my hard earned cash. The credit card stayed firmly in the wallet as did the business cards and I always feel that the sign of a good expo is surely the amount of literature you take away with you to paw over at leisure – actually I had none! Then another two hour tube journey home during the London rush hour. Why hold it at ExCel? The venue is far too vast to hold a trade show with a dwindling attendance. The organisers really need to take a good look at a re-launch before next year and in a smaller venue which is easier to reach.
Was it worth it? Nope, and will I be going to BVE next year? Nope!
One of the Take One team with his head in the clouds. So this is what is meant by "Cloud Computing"!




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