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FaceBook or You Tube for Video

You’ve got your lovely video, the pictures are great, well framed, in focus; the sound is clear and suitably sweetened; the content is strong and engaging – but what do you do with the video now you’ve got it?

Well of course you need to get it out onto the internet and there are lots of outlets, many of which are free for basic listings but that includes uploading video. Just a few samples:

your own website: www.takeonetv.com for us
online directories: hotfrog, iBucks, adbar
online niche directories for your target industries: MIA, Planet, Netmums, Productionhub, Source
media host platforms such as You Tube, Dailies, Vimeo
social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
networking group sites that you subscribe too: Business Connexions, Handy Croissant, Chiltern Business Connections, Women in Business, BNI, Linked In

There are over 60 free online platforms where you can lodge your video and tag with appropriate SEO labels! Most are easy to use and it really just takes a plan to get started, and of course time with a bit of skill.

One of the things that people do take note of though is when the last video or comment you lodged was over 3 months ago, or dare I say it over a year ago? If you’re going to do this seriously enough to make a difference then you’ve got to be consistent and regular.

One thing to consider is alternating between Facebook and You Tube for your video pieces. You Tube will get you increased visibility on Google, but it is easier for viewers to like and share on Facebook. So what we do is upload our videos to You Tube and then either create a share link straight away from You Tube to Facebook and Twitter; or plan a second posting of the video later by directly uploading to Facebook, and linking to Twitter. If you choose the latter option you can of course also write something appropriate to go with the posting, and that may help to give you increased exposure with a second viewing.

The statistics, admittedly from Facebook but still relevant, show that posts which include video generate 100% more engagement. There are some strategists who say you should have a photograph or video or image for everything you post. We like that but have also seen cases where for some people text posts can work equally well, so it’s really a case of having a strategy that you can measure consistently.

The key points: have a plan; be regular and consistent with posting video content; measure and manage your strategy.





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