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Measuring Video Content Success

The High Street brands are putting more and more effort into their online marketing strategies for 2014 with improved content marketing. Studies have showed that quality content marketing helps to increase product awareness and is the start of a long term relationship with the customer being wooed and gently drawn through the sales funnel. This isn’t about a hard sell, it’s about engaging with customers, building reputation and rapport. Now the High Street brands may well spend a lot of time and money on content marketing, but they wouldn’t do it unless it was working and the good news is it doesn’t have to be just the big brands who take advantage of this marketing strategy; smaller businesses can also effectively generate product awareness and draw customers to their websites with simple, but planned campaigns.
It’s really important though that your content is part of an overall strategy, and that you can measure the results. All of your communications materials including video blogs, video newsletters, articles, viral promos, photographs and links to related areas of your sector which are of genuine interest, they all need to encompass your keywords and follow your content strategy plan.
One of the most frequently asked questions regarding video is: How do I know it will pay for itself? Or, How do I know it will bring positive results that build the bottom line, i.e. return on investment? Well, there are no easy answers; but if you don’t measure results and act you are very unlikely to see the best results, and if you don’t try you’ll definitely miss out on a big opportunity to grow your business.
So say for instance you do a video newsletter and send it out with MailChimp – you’ve got some good, interesting content that isn’t all hard sell, some useful links and genuinely balanced content which is targeted at your chosen audience. You do the mail out and get the statistics back as to how many were successfully delivered, how many clicked through to the video, to different web pages; how many forwarded the video newsletter, how many bounced etc., etc. Out of maybe 4,500 addresses you get say 400 bounces – that’s a great opportunity to contact a client and check you have their details correctly entered on the database; few people will object to you making contact that way, so long as you don’t sell to them at the same time – resist the temptation to sell and remember this is a wooing process not a knock ‘em on the head and drag ‘em back to the cave process.
You’ve had maybe four to five hundred views of the video, that’s brilliant, a 10% or better response than the industry standard; so what are you going to do now? No, not sell to them, but also not sit back and wait for something to happen on its own either. You’ve started a process of engagement with your customers – so follow through with them with special offers perhaps, interesting video blogs or articles, ask for feedback – people always like to give their opinions. The more you genuinely engage the more likely you are to get them returning to you when they are ready to buy.
But, seriously, how do you measure the success of an activity? We have the statistics, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of searchers don’t move past the first page of search results – the latter is certainly true for me! So the more times your keywords are found by search engines in genuine bits of content marketing the more times you are likely to be found on the first page of a search engine results page. That means getting a higher result in SERPs is a good measurement to watch. And of course check out any changes to your Google Analytics, you should be looking for an increase in first time visitors to your website. Then finally, assuming you get the social media scene, look for improved metrics there too, more likes and comments, follows and retweets – you may be B2B but businesses are run by people, and a large percentage will use social media sites to research products and services at some point before they buy, video is a really popular media on social platforms so don’t under estimate its relevance. You don’t have to spend oodles of money to get a positive return, but you do need to have a plan and a measurement strategy!




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