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A newish terms that’s being heard more these days is when groups of people get together for a business ‘huddle’. Now that’s not a touchy feeling session lead by a motivational speaker or trainer, but actually a very practical work collaboration event.

The term huddle actually incorporates cross media communications around a central point. The central point is often part of a video conferencing unit, but far from the days of jerky pictures and somewhat disjointed sharing – with the new technologies available from company like Imago Group plc and Polycom Inc – huddle rooms or units encourage a kind of ‘scrum’ experience where images, sounds, stills, drawings and people can truly share their thoughts across the globe.

Having seen this sort system demonstrated a couple of years back, and before it had really been taken up by the big boys of video conferencing, we were duly impressed even then with the prototype. Now, it’s a tool that is certainly worth considering for large, multinational projects – and of course video plays an important role too!




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