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Aerial footage used to be the remit of big budget movies and documentaries but these days with the Go Pro and miniaturization of kit it’s more feasible to get your own aerial footage.

Of course, you could go on line as well and get some reasonable stock shots. I was looking for stock aerial footage of a local town recently and was pleasantly surprised to find there was a good choice. However, have a sneaking feeling it’s something that will get cut eventually as even a better price is still a lot for a few seconds.

However, one of our cameramen has been putting a model helicopter with camera together as well, which has proved an interesting project and could well be something we use on more projects in the future. It’s certainly a lot easier than taking a real helicopter up, although the effective footage is different at least it’s not quite so expensive on fuel and you don’t need such a big space for landing and taking off.

Things to remember though, you do need a Licence for this sort of thing; and be extra cautious with risk assessments as model helicopters of this nature could cause quite a bit of damage if they landed in the wrong place, and they are a bit of a distraction which is why you can’t fly over open public roadways without permission. And of course a crash landing could also write off your camera kit! But, it is a useful tool in the armory of available kit and is certainly no longer just for the big boys of the film industry.




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