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Streamstar Webcast Case

Written by Steve Groves

The team at Take One attended a seminar this year hosted by TNP Broadcast at Watford Football Ground.

The seminar was put together to demonstrate some new equipment that is supplied by TNP Broadcast in the UK.
Of particular interest was the Streamstar Webcast Case. This device a full live video webcast production suite in one box, complete with quad HD/SD video input and a touchscreen interface, allowing the production manager to switch between cameras with a single tap.

The software also allows the use of crossfade / transition, customized animated wipes and overlays, as well as capturing and replaying slow motion video from any of the main feeds, and even provides some basic keying tools.

The software user interface is clean and professional with big buttons that are easy to press, and offers a functionality that’s easy to understand. Literally anyone can operate it to produce a professional live video webcast with multiple cameras, with only ten minutes training. Obviously, we are saying this a bit tongue in cheek, cos although in theory it’s possible in practice you would still need some production knowledge, and technical knowhow if only for when things don’t quite go to plan! But with the availability of remote control pan & tilt heads for camera tripods it would be technically possible to create a four camera programme using only two or three crew members!

Also surprising is the price – for less than £30,000 you can buy a kit which includes the Webcast Case as well as four JVC HD camcorders to record your footage with. While that may seem like a fairly large investment, when you consider that the traditional way to do the same job would be to hire a full Outside Broadcast unit consisting of a truck containing a vision and audio mixer unit as well as a full production crew of at least fifteen people, that puts it neatly into perspective.

The Webcast Case has been aimed primarily at sports coverage with the typical sporty transitional effects; however the applications for smaller production companies could reach much further with the potential for conference shows and other live events.

Video production technology has certainly advanced in recent years, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us!




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