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What makes a quality video?

Interesting question; one could first ask, what is quality? Is it something that can quantified with a few words or images? Is quality absolute or relative? Can you have too much quality?

Well, the first thing we do when asked about video production for a business is to sit down and have a talk about the client’s business. One of the key questions may well be what does quality mean to your viewers or clients? Or indeed, what does your business – no matter the service or product – mean to your clients? What makes them choose you over your competitors?

Getting clients to formulate an answer to these questions is the base to many a video programme. It becomes quality video because it reflects the client’s business appropriately, and is targeted at the desired audience, using a delivery method that is suitable within a budget that fits the required results.

Now, getting the information together can be quite time consuming, though fortunately the producers at Take One TV are highly experienced in this area, their knowledge and training in the broadcast and communications sectors helps them to know how to ask just the right questions, and from there to form the focus of a powerful video creation.

The next question may well be, or should be perhaps, how do we measure quality video? There are the obvious methods of tracking through Google Analytics, You Tube views and contacts which can be traced to the viewing of a particular programme page. The metrics from those machines will show who has seen your programme, where they were geographically, how long they watched for and maybe how they got to the video and where they went afterwards.

If the video is attached to a specific page which can only be accessed once particular bits of information has been provided, or someone subscribes to say a newsletter, then you can easily track new viewers that way too. Video has been very successfully used in this way to launch new concepts and to gain contact information, or to attract people to events.

And finally, how can you tell if the video production company you are looking at will provide quality work? Well, take a look at some real examples of what they do; they should have a showreel which will give you just a flavour of lots of different styles, and maybe they’ll have some samples of particular formats that may be of interest to you.

Check out their testimonials and credentials; it seems obvious, but having video testimonials actually shows that the company’s clients are very satisfied, they wouldn’t appear on camera otherwise! Don’t worry if they don’t have a sample of something exactly like the one you have in mind; each programme should be uniquely designed for the end client so it’s probably unlikely they’ll have something already made. Also it’s not a great issue if they haven’t worked in your industry before, in fact it’s possibly an advantage because they’ll bring new insights and a fresh look at what it is you’re offering.

Then credentials, how long have they been in the industry and do they keep themselves abreast of current trends? Are they active with their social media and blogs? Are they active right now, or is the last thing they did over a year ago? Do they have a good local or industry reputation? Do they have a continuity of business plan, appropriate insurances and a real interest in developing their own employees?

Lots of questions and things to consider, but essentially you need to feel comfortable with the people who will be working with you; they will need to get close to your business in a short space of time, so it’s essential you feel a sense of rapport as well as interest – a quality video production company never just does the job, they put their heart and soul into every project!




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