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All disks are not the same....

Well perhaps they are, almost – but it’s the ‘almost’ that makes the difference between being able to play a piece of video from a disk, or not!

Video files that have been encoded to play on a PC for instance won’t necessarily play in a stand alone DVD player. Computer video files have file endings such as .mov, mp4 or .wmv and to enable them to play on a DVD player they’ll need to be converted before burning a Master disk.

The other thing to consider is regional variations or specifics that may affect the authoring of the DVD. So for instance if you are going to send your DVD abroad to, say, Brazil, you’ll need to let the company who are making the DVD know that because it’ll require specific regional settings at the encoding and authoring stage which will allow your viewers access on their machines – unless they are fortunate enough to have multi-standard equipment of course.

So, some of the things you may like to consider for the delivery of your video programme on disk are:

1. Does the material need to be looped, so that it continually repeats without having to be reset? This is a useful little software setting if you’re going to use the material on an exhibition stand or in a reception area perhaps.

2. Is the DVD going to be viewed on a computer or a TV or played through a stand alone machine? One disk won’t necessarily fit all from the format perspective!

3. Do you want your viewers to be able to choose specific chapters on the DVD, or from a menu screen, so that they go to relevant sections without having to mess around with the fast forward functions? If you’re using your DVD for presentations, it’s often useful to be able to skip over certain bits of the material that may not be relevant to your current audience.

4. Where in the globe is the physical DVD going to be watched? There are set formats for different parts of the world, so you may need a few variations.

Thinking about these things in advance will help with the output of your DVD; it’s not expensive and doesn’t take a great deal of extra time to do most of the above, but it can save time and money to know the answers to these questions before a DVD is Mastered.




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