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Filming for Take One takes us to some interesting and sometimes extraordinary locations, but recently we were lucky to be filming in one of the country’s maybe not so well known little gems.

Coombe Abbey is situated about 90 minutes from London in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside just off the M1 and M6. The Abbey was founded in 1150 AD by Cistercian Monks, then known as the Abbey of Cumbe. It was used by the monks primarily for grazing sheep and growing crops but boasts an illustrious past. In 1539 the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII saw all its possessions claimed by the crown. In 1581 it was claimed by John Harrington and converted into a private residence and in 1622 was bought by the then Lord Mayer of London William Craven.
It even had involvement in the infamous Guy Fawkes “Gunpowder Plot”.
The extensive grounds were originally landscaped by “Capability” Brown in 1771.

Today, the main building is a hotel which retains all of the charm of its former glory having been restored in 1992. The grounds belong to Coventry City Council and offers parkland and wooded BBQ areas which can be enjoyed by members of the public; great for a family day out.
For more information go to www.coombeabbey.com




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