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From Star Trek to Smart Phones

The past 10 years has seen amazing achievements in technology. In particular, the continuing innovation and development of smart phone technology has created whole new industries producing and developing the proliferation of applications you can run on them.
From a technology which enabled us to make a simple telephone call anywhere in the world has grown instant mobile data connectivity and entertainment on the move, such as video games, films and television to high quality stills photography and even high definition video filming.
Once the realm of science fiction, the dreams of visionaries such as Jules Verne and Gene Roddenberry have now become science fact, with functions such as face to face video communication, touch sensitive screens and instant access to data and information wherever you are located. Technology, and the social media it has spawned, has now become an integral part of the marketing mix and is playing an increasingly important method of promoting and marketing business, indeed digital marketing has now become the de facto for all areas of business.
It’s truly remarkable how far technology has brought us in the last decade, but the real question is will advancing technology see the demise of those businesses that refuse to encompass its opportunities.
Research has shown that people who want to create an online advertisement or promotional video for themselves are likely to have the devices sitting right in the palm of their hands, but what does that mean for production companies who already provide this service?
YouTube has have over 1 billion users and more than 100 hours of content is uploaded every day and more than half of these videos are made from hand held domestic devices, such as smart phones and tablets. However there is a world of difference between professionally produced video campaigns compared to quick, cheap, badly shot and produced videos posted on YouTube. Great for looking at cute kittens and freak weather, but not for promoting a quality brand or service.
Think of video as your shop front window; then think of the number of poor window displays you have walked past in your high street without giving a second thought to what appears to be cheap, badly designed and poorly displayed goods. So maybe now you have a little understanding as to how much damage a poorly made, unprofessional video can have on your business in chasing away prospective customers, rather than enticing them into your “virtual” store. Those companies that are savvy and care about their brand, that care about their on-line image and the quality of their products and services will understand the benefits of engaging professionals to give their brand a consistently professional image.




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