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Content marketing versus viral video

Creating video content marketing that has no real relevance to the target audience is a path to failure.

Everyone seems to be asking for viral videos, or amusing animations these days; I suppose it’s a thing of the moment, but really unless you are a BIG brand, what is the value of creating a viral video or amusing animation?

If you are looking for local business, then surely the best marketing video would firstly help you be found locally, and secondly bring you warm enquiries or leads from people who are interested in your services and who are in your catchment area. There are thousands of cute kitten videos out there, and also quite a lot of rather odd viral videos that get thousands if not tens of thousands of hits, but as a small business that sort of thing is more entertainment than business.

If you’ve got a big brand, than yes maybe a series of ads – like the Barclaycard ones with Rowan Atkinson – would increase brand awareness, and they did empower their brand for as particular niche with those adverts. However, whether they actually increased business, that’s another matter. Even big brand names need real customers to buy from them rather than their competitors, and the most powerful ‘selling’ tool for that is still recommendation.

Potential clients are looking for information, for reassurance, for direction – they need content that is relevant, timely and easy to assimilate. That’s where experienced video producers make a big difference to the success of a programme; when they create a video they will also be bearing in mind the target market audience, the key words that are relevant for the business, the style, brand and ethos that needs to be delivered – a lot more than cut kittens or a bit of fun. Content is still King!

However, content and quality video production isn’t all that’s required; to assist with good search engine rankings it’s important to look at what is being termed ‘blended’ optimisation. Blended optimisation is where the file names for videos include keywords, the scripts are attached to the video, captions are carefully considered to reflect content and meaning etc., etc. Not optimising a video is a bit like just sticking on a shelf to gather dust!

It’s maybe similar to having a FaceBook or Twitter logo on your website, but not actually doing anything with the pages; you must of visited websites and social media pages where the last comment was over a year ago – what did it say to you about that business? It’s not enough to just have the logos and pages, or indeed to just to have a video – these things are elements which need to be used, tools to be activated, and once that happens you’ll notice the difference.




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