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Wow, that's a whopper!

Written by John Groves

Sharp, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of electronics has released what it says is the biggest LED TV ever to go on sale in Europe. Sharp’s new display is based on LED (light-emitting diode) technology and weighs only 64kg, and is less than 12cm deep.
The product’s release comes a year after Sharp put a 90in TV on sale in the US
It supports 3D broadcasts, has three tuners allowing upto 3 TV channels to be watched at the same time and also offers a “wallpaper mode”, which can display a static picture at a low brightness level when it is not otherwise in use.
The firm says owners need to sit at least 3.5m away to enjoy its picture.
The long-term view is that eventually you will have entire walls that are made out of LCDs, and you can allocate different spaces for different usage. Part will be used for TV signals, part for surfing the internet and part to show pictures. I think the wife may have something to say about that!





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