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Smartphone opportunities for video

“The average smartphone user, apparently, checks it every 6 minutes – or 150 times day! Is that sad, just life moving on, a detrimental sign of the times or, a positive opportunity?”

Well as we found out when we raised this point at a recent MARLOW FM BizzBuzz transmission, it may depend on when you were born! Yes, sorry but it’s true – the younger generations that have grown up with the smartphone, along with other new technologies, and are far more confident with that form of communication than the oldies. Now, whether that’s a good thing, or not, is another matter.

A recent report from NBC has suggested that the average user checks their phone at least every 6 minutes, and that those peaks are often at work related emails.

Tanya Schevitz, spokeswoman for Reboot, a startup company that is trying to combat the issue also said, ‘It’s like an arms race… everything is an emergency. We have created an expectation in society that people will respond immediately to everything. That expectation is unhealthy and can’t be sustained.’

Our experience in the world of video production, and indeed just creative media itself, is that there is definitely a push towards the immediate response. Clients are leaving decision making later and later without giving thought as to how that may affect the outcome of the project, nor to the knock on effects with suppliers.

The thing is, as John Cleese said many years ago at a conference with filmed with him for Media Professionals, ‘You can’t just turn on creativity…’ and to go with that the basics of project management do actually need time and space to be co-ordinated at their best.

In a time when people are so very cost conscious, and rightly so, the value of planning time seems to of been lost. And of course the sad thing is that leaving things to last minute in many cases means it costs more, whether that’s in time, money or stress.

However, the opportunities that this addiction to smartphones presents is interesting, particular for video production. Smartphone technology makes video on the web so easily accessible both on websites and other on line viewing sites that potential customers are viewing more and more videos in preference to reading lots of written materials. Afterall, you can say a huge amount in 60 seconds of good quality video – the equivalent would take hundreds of words. Video also increases the stickiness of websites from an average of 48 seconds of viewing to up to 5 minutes with good video.

So video is definitely something to be taken seriously as part of a marketing plan these days, but don’t forget to allow time for your next video production because although the feeling is that with digital technology these things are just thrown together -don’t be fooled, the best programmes are carefully and skilfully planned from beginning to end and though the technology may of made the process more straightforward, the human element still holds sway!




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