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We were a bit uncertain about this to start with, we’ve seen the technology used for pop concerts, and actually a few years back in Prague as part of a cultural show. It could be amazing or just rather uncomfortable and amateur. Fortunately, things have definitely moved on with this technology and the 3D hologram of Les Dawson performing the script from ‘An Audience With….’ which should of been recorded just a few weeks before he died 20 years ago, was actually pretty good.

Okay, yes you could see the cracks sometimes, particularly near the end of the programme; yes, there were probably more clips/inserts of comments from admirers and sequences from old programmes than new stuff; and yes, it was slightly odd though really not more so than watching any old film or piece of television where the ‘greats’ have passed away…


…but it was also quite amazing and, best of all, it made us laugh,and made us wonder what next?

Now wouldn’t suggest that CEOs and MDs, or even Prime Ministers, go the holograph route of speaking with their employees and constituents, but perhaps the idea of William Hartnell returning as Dr Who again isn’t quite so off the wall!





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