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Can Video Help Businesses Grow?

Well produced, targeted video is a highly effective tool when used as part of an overall marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It’s a simple fact that these days people like to watch videos; plus the increased popularity and capabilities of social media and other video sharing platforms has had a big impact on the value of video for business use. We’re not just talking about videos of cute cats, natural disasters or even weird viral videos here. What we are talking about are videos that show the people behind a business, give potential clients an insight into a company as well as information which will help them warm to offers.

Businesses with video on their home web page are 53 times more likely to be found by Search Engines, but more importantly if that video is of a good quality and represents the business in its best light, the viewer is far more likely to engage.

Video creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. However, it’s not just the vision that matters, good audio is also essential and in some ways is a more subtle way of letting viewers understand the quality of a business. Maybe that’s where our backgrounds with broadcast radio and television still stands us in good stead at Take One TV.

The audience attention span is getting shorter and shorter and viewers find it is much more efficient use of time for someone to click on a video link than reading a page of text. Video information can be delivered quickly and made memorable by careful use of the media.

For internal communications, video is a great way of engaging with employees; it can help them feel a part of a larger organisation, assist in knowledge sharing in a very cost effective way and ensure that information is delivered correctly every time rather than suffer the oddities of Chinese Whispers or personal interpretation.




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