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Leap Motion Revolutionises Video Editing?

Computers are taking over the world! Actually, in all seriousness, where would we be without computers? If we look back at the days when we started in this industry and everything was analogue, we physically had to cut tape and stick it together to make programmes, or in what seems a rather crude manner now, we would copy bits of footage from the rushes to the master, compiling the programme as we went – but no mistakes, if you made a mistake or had a change of mind it was all right back to the beginning again, or you could copy what you’d done up to the error and then edit anew from ther,e though of course the quality of the image would be denigrated.

Now it’s all computer based and that has good and bad things; good that we can try out different cuts and effects with ease – no more waiting for an hour for an effect to render just to find it was a few seconds out – bad, well people do tend not to plan so well, nor to think things through so carefully which means it can be more difficult to control content, creative tempers and budgets!

Anyway, this new Leap Motion technology could be a good thing and maybe reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury if nothing else. And of course there are numerous other applications that it may be valuable for, for people with disabilities perhaps who can’t easily use a mouse or keyboard?

So Leap Motion is a USB powered device which will revolutionise the way we interact with computers. You put it down on your desk and control it by moving your hand about over the sensor. This tracks the precise movement of each of your fingers giving you full control of your computer simply with gestures.





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