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Video apprentice

Hasan Khan talks about his experience of working in a Video Production company:

‘I first came to Take One in February, and when I first entered the building I was amazed. The people were friendly, and the environment seemed like the perfect one to work in. During my time here I have learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to work in a professional environment, and how the industry works. My time here has been fantastic and full of knowledge. I’ve learnt how to deal with clients, how to set up a shoot, and various other thing.

My job was to promote the online platform, and doing so was fun. We put together a video which was aimed at getting a lot of views on video sharing websites to publicize the company. Making the video was a lot of fun and getting a chance to edit and produce is was even better.

The experience that I have got from Take One is very valuable to me and I feel it will help a lot in the future.’

We are pleased to have helped Hasan get some valuable experience in our industry and wish him every success when he starts at the University of Bradford in September to study animation and computer based graphics for gaming.




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