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ROI for Social Media

Great article from Forbes on how to measure return on investment for your social media spend; these days most businesses are giving consideration to the use of social media, FaceBook, Twitter, You Tube Channels etc., etc., and no matter the size of the business the big question always comes down to: ‘What do we get for your money?’ For some, especially in the B2C sector, targeting 18-35 year olds, it’s a bit of a no brainer, used well you’re probably going to see some return; for others in the B2B sector it may be more tricky, and could be more about simply raise brand awareness than selling directly – but we all still want to know whether it’s worth the investment. Have a look at the article, Forbes do some great work and you can be sure what they say is backed up with the appropriate analysis. Be great to hear your experiences too!





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