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Editing at Take One TV

In our series of interviews with seasoned video professionals, Hasan Khan talks to Jonathan Griffiths whilst he takes a short break from one of the current projects at Take One TV:

What are the problems you face while editing?

One of the main problems I face while editing is the shortage of time. Often times an editor needs to get a high quality video to the client in a defined slot of time, so you have to be able to think quickly in a creative mode but always with an eye to the clock, because time is as ever money and what clients don’t want are unexpected costs. Another more personal problem faced whilst editing is that the editor sits for long hours on the computer; it’s really important to look after our health and ensure we that we do take rest breaks to stretch the arms and legs otherwise we can end up in trouble.

What is it you’d like to see in a recording which would make editing easier for you?

Well, what would make my life easier would be if the footage was well planned, and logged. Most of the things that would make editing easier for me come under organisation and planning. When the files are organised and logged properly, it is much easier to locate the material you want, and that in turn saves time which can then be used to perfect the video by maybe adding some nice effects or sweetening the audio. Take One have a very good logging system and I know a project with them will be well-planned.




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