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Hasan Khan talked to Rob McKenzie about his experiences with Take One TV during his recent work placement. Firstly, Rob, tell me about yourself?

Hi, I’m Rom McKenzie, and I’m a third year undergraduate at Bucks New University, currently doing Film and Television for which I have up work placement at Take One TV.

And what made you choose Take One for your final work placement?

What I saw from Take One was that they are working with high end corporate clients, as well as lower scaled local businesses. So I figured that by working there for a short time, I’d be able to get an understanding of the broad range of corporate videos that can be produced.

Sounds like an interesting mix of clients and video production work. So, what has been the most interesting part of the placement?

I think the most interesting part of the placement has definitely been the people. It’s given me a perspective on what kind of character it takes to both run and facilitate a production house. Hearing the different stories and seeing the different ways people have come through to video production, both from the BBC and non broadcast sectors. It’s been interesting to find out about the impact of Non Linear editing and the ways in which existing skills were developed into modern day techniques. It’s really given me a brand new, fresh idea on what it takes to be in the industry. It’s been a great experience and very thought provoking too.

Many thanks Rob, and good luck for the future!




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