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James Micklethwaite, Online Product Director at ITV said, ‘Our all new ITV Player is a huge step forward in offering our viewers not only an improved catch-up experience but also the chance to access a wider range of ITV’s rich mix of programming, on demand, for a competitive price.’

The new concept will enable viewers to access 8-30 day catch-up content, 30 days rental of single ad-free – always a benefit – episodes of ITV archive materials from 49p and 90 day access to rental of ad-free, yippee, full series box sets at discounted prices.

Now I suppose although the majority of people will, like me think, great we can ditch the adverts, it is also important to remember that advertising pays for a lot of programming. It is interesting, however,that BSKYB are getting some competition for their services.

Other than catch-up BSKYB do claim to have the most up to date selection of films, latest blockbusters, before they’re available on other streaming or renting frameworks and perhaps it’s worth the extra to have that access. However, with the change in our cultural use of television catch-up services and mobile applications are fast becoming a big influencer when choosing a service provider.

Which way would you jump and what influences you to choose one provider over another? Interesting thoughts out there.




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