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For anyone who is using one of the DSLR cameras, Cannon 5, 7 and so on, certainly worth considering getting a good shoulder rig for longer shoots and this is a good one to look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1G2Fsie2uw

Although the DSLR cameras are making inroads with video production companies they do seem to still be mainly videography based or low end entry budget; but there again they are also being seen as production shot cameras and 3rd cameras on larger projects.

They originally gained interest from photographers because they could use their existing stills camera lens on the video unit and be multi-facilitated. However, there is of course a big difference between taking a good photograph and good video – having said that for some things the DSLR cameras are great; for instance you can get a lovely arty out of focus background very easily, something which Art Directors seem to like a lot and which can take a fair bit of time to set up on other cameras. The downside is anything with movement tends to give a ragged edge and drag on screen and… well lots of pros and cons, as ever it’s horses for courses. The DSLR is smaller and lighter to carry around, but to use for something more than a brief interview to camera you really need to add in the shoulder rig, the zoom box for sound, the remote and so on and so which takes the unit back to the same size and weight of the standard camera! Anyway, have a look at the video link, it’s something worth looking at if you’re using the DSLR regularly.




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