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Belgium-based video journalist, Geert Verdick, is launching a series of videos which show ambitious filmmakers the route to obtaining good sound to go with their stunning pictures. The tutorials will be released every couple of weeks and include advice on wireless audio recording, which microphone for which scenario, getting good sound with DSLR cameras and tips on reducing wind noise when recording on location. The videos are being hosted by that well-known microphone manufacturer, Sennheiser and can be found on their website, www.sennheiser.com/audioforvideo – well worth a visit for any budding journalist, or dare I say it media graduate who didn’t get the audio course as part of their degree package! There’s also a great prize to be vied for should you be able to answer some appropriate questions related to the tutorials and subject – an MKE 600 – the new Sennheiser video shotgun microphone – and a set of HD 25ff headphones. If you get stuck then you could also come to us at Take One TV in High Wycombe where we have several highly experienced video and audio technicians who love to share their knowledge!




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